Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Game Diary: 22/01/2014

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (PC)
So I've finally learned to play with an arcade stick without the need for a table, I know this sounds like a daft thing to open with but I use to have this silly preference where I could only play an arcade stick if it was on a flat surface or nailed down to something. Anyway now I'm playing like this I actually prefer it, as a playing method it feels a lot more casual.

Anyway BlazBlue, I've been asked by people in the past why I play this version, I know as a competitive game it is old and outdated but that's never really bothered me I can play anything really even if there is a newer version. If a game is good its worth shouldn't be diminished by something else.
So the PC version of BlazBlue isn't exactly popular, there are a long list of reasons for this, it isn't just the fact it was a year late, it isn't just the minor graphical glitches, it isn't just the obscurity of the port either, Games for Windows Live seems to be the big turn off for the majority of players. The PC isn't exactly the strongest PC platform but I'm sure people would have been more accepting of BlazBlue had it not been burdened with Games for Windows Live, a service that just so happens to be shutting down this year, what a shame, once GFWL shuts down I can never re-install the game unless someone happens to release a fix for it, good luck finding fixes for this game, the studio who made it don't want to know and you won't see many people willing to go out of their way to fix an old version of a game that only a handful of people still play.

All those things aside I really like BlazBlue as a 2D fighting game that does a lot different to other 2D fighting games. I had to change the voice acting to Japanese as some of the English voices are appalling. I should probably play BlazBlue more because I can't never think of a good way to convoy what I think about the game in words, it's just so different to everything else I've played.

Capcom vs SNK 2 (Xbox)
Every Wednesday I go to a Video Game Club/Union ran by students at my University and every Wednesday I'm the one who goes the most out of his way, last week I took everything I had, my wii, my xbox, my desktop pc, 2 monitors and a big pile of controllers and arcade sticks, I don't know why I bother really because everyone just crowds around the 2 Xbox 360's to play Worms and Injustice.
Had one quick match against one of the union runners, was an easy match for me but the guy said it himself he only plays Injustice and Mortal Kombat, in other words the total opposite of me. I'm worrying a bit about the fighting game tournaments I have planned for the upcoming charity gaming marathon the union is running. The tournaments are going to be a bit crap if no one wants to play.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Xbox)
Nothing to see here. New characters aren't appearing in the games shop so I'm just buying new stages instead.

Warioware Inc. Mega Party Game$ (Gamecube)
I haven't played this in multiplayer since I was a kid which is a shame because it is one of my all time favourite party games. Warioware is great because it addresses all the things I dislike about the Mario Party series, the game is a lot faster, the characters are actually characters and the multiplayer modes are just straight out more fun than any mini game or board map the Mario Party games have ever put out.
The amount of fun you get out of Warioware depends on how good the people you are playing against are, there is no fun in rolling over people. Don't get me wrong there is a joy in seeing other people fuck up but that joy is boosted ten fold when the person fucking up is someone good at the game.

Animal Crossing (Gamecube)
I got some nice looking bookshelves, it looks like I'm going have to move all my furniture back downstairs, the upstairs bed room not longer has enough room to fit it all, I can't wait to get a blue corner so I can complete my wrestling ring. I don't even know why I want the wrestling ring, it's takes up loads of space and does absolutely nothing, you can't even climb into it.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (Wii)
I had a quick blast on this at the end of the Wednesday Gaming Union meet, I own Accent Core Plus but forgot to bring it with me (not that it matters the game is near identical besides a few changes). I really like Guilty Gear, really like it. I've been nuts about Guilty Gear ever since I downloaded X2 #Reload from, it's my perfect fighting game, it's really fast, it had dashes and the game has a big emphasis on offense.
Something bothered me while I played it though, so I faced I-No and lost for the one hundredth time and she did her win animation where she turns around and pulls her jacket off, this prompted a girl who had just walked in for the Table Top Games Session to talk about how she hates games that try to sell them selves with  big breasted female characters, referencing Tomb Raiders as the big example. It shouldn't bother me but it kind of does because while I love every aspect Guilty Gear I can see why someone would look at characters like I-No and Dizzy and just put Guilty Gear in the category of perverted video game thing.

Soul Calibur II (Xbox)
I've been so focused on unlocking everything in Marvel vs Capcom that I almost forgot that I need to unlock all the characters in this. I'm so used to playing the Gamecube version of Soul Calibur 2 that it feels weird to play it with anything other than a Gamecube controller, I gave the arcade mode a go with Spawn and I'm not very good with him, first round I played I killed myself with a rushing kick move where Spawn does a jump kick that caused him to jump over the other character and off the stage like an idiot. I'm sure Spawn is really good when you know how to use him but I'll just stick to Nightmare.

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