Thursday, 30 January 2014

Game Diary: 30/01/2014

So after a few days of me getting some important shit sorted I finally sat down and played some games even though I still don't really feel like it.

International Superstar Soccer 2 (Gamecube)
The great thing about having a console bias is that you will play the shit no one else would dare play now. ISS 2 is outdated, it's old, it isn't anywhere near as good as Konami's classic Pro Evolution Soccer games but I can't deny that there is full to be had with the game still.
The difficulty curve is poorly tuned, you have 3 difficulty settings, the lowest gets you silly results like 8-2 wins and the medium difficulty gets you loads of draws and 0-1 losses, I'd hate to play the game on hard. I think I wrote a mini review of this once for a project that never got going, let me see if I still have it.
No I don't so I'll just have to go over my problems with the game again. ISS 2 is like playing football in slow motion on the default speed setting, only after you turn it up does it feel playable and even then it feels way too simple and fails to do the things you want out of a football game. The passing is a huge problem, most games pass to whoever is near to the direction you are facing, not ISS 2, it targets a player automatically and you have to wait for the game to change targets before you pass otherwise you end up passing to the wrong player and running your play, it's a huge shame really because had it not been for issues like that ISS 2 would have been a really good game. All things said I really like the main menu music.

Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business (PC)
This is really hard and the levels are creeping the hell out of me for some reason, I think it is the effect of the higher difficulty + creepy Egypt level revisited + more monsters = scarier than the original. I know calling Tomb Raider scary seems a bit silly but the game just piles on atmosphere and is really good at making you feel isolated. There are only 4 levels in Unfinished Business but they are really big, much better than the levels in the original game. That 50p Tomb Raider cost me is really going far.

Animal Crossing (Gamecube)
They couldn't keep him down. Today I finally completed my T-Rex at the museum which only leaves me with 4 bones left to find. Tom Nook went and stocked a gigantic UFO which I obviously bought. Tomorrow is raffle day and I have like 100 tickets to use.

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