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Game Diary: The 72 Hour Charity Marathon Weekend 24/01/2014-27/01/2014

So I've had a busy weekend, long story short the Video Game League at my University did a charity event where people played games non-stop for 72 hours, obviously I didn't do this because I actually value my health. So with a weekend dedicated to games there were a lot of game playing as you would imagine. My entire weekend was spent in this one place besides when I'd sleep, it was entirely dedicated to playing games, games like:

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (Xbox)
So I read an online FAQ on how the secret factor works and I discovered I could get easy game points buy playing multiplayer matches, you can get a good 3000+ points in about 10 minutes work. I originally planned to do a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 tournament but in the end all my plans went to waste because it turns out people would rather go and do their own thing, their own thing being spending the entire day playing Injustice and League of Legends, fair enough. Anyway I'm almost done with Marvel now, I only need Magneto and I'm done.
It's not all good news though, I played so much Marvel vs Capcom over the weekend that I broke one of the arcade sticks I bought for my Original Xbox, the joysticks now only goes left 50% of the time, what a massive waste of £15.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 (Xbox)
Had a quick play, lost interest very quickly when I realised no one gave a fuck about the fighting game tournaments I had set up, all that money I spent on Xbox fighters were a bit of a poor investment really.

Skullgirls (PC)
I played most of my fighting games but they couldn't keep my interest I guess I wasn't feeling it. I haven't talked about Skullgirls before, it's easily the best independently made fighting game out there by a mile. The hand drawn characters and Marvel vs. Capcom-esque. I put money down on getting the first DLC character, at full price no less because I though there would be a tournament for the game, it's not all bad though, if you own the game already the remaining DLC characters that are due to be released are free.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 (PC)
Played this a few times over the weekend only one I really remember is when I played a few vs games on another persons PC. I got to hold some expensive sticks, one guy had bought a Street Fighter IV TE stick that had an octagonal gate fitted in, the thing is massive, has some weight to it and the buttons feel really good to press. Another guy has a SE stick that had been modded to have the same parts as the TE I had tried, not as big but still felt solid. One last stick I tried was an un-modded wireless Tekken 6 stick for the Xbox 360, it felt a bit thin compared to other sticks. Personally I'm happy to stick to my Hori EX2 even if it is a bit cheap.
Anyway I had matches against 2 people, one guy didn't play much, the other did and I could only beat him when playing as E.Honda, this guy was the one who owned the TE stick but he was playing with a pad which can only mean he is better than me.

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload (PC)
I've played this so much on my own that I'm starting to slowly learn how to play as the other characters. What I have learned since I last played Guilty Gear: Baiken is an awesome character for Dust aerial combos, the only character I've found to be better is Robo-Ky and that's only because of his daft helicopter-head move.

Blazblue: Calamity Trigger (PC)
The more I play this the more I warm to it, I doubt I'll ever warm up to Blazblue to the same level I warmed to Guilty Gear but I'm still enjoying it. I finally beat the arcade mode and moved onto the Score Attack mode which is a lot harder.

Yatagarasu (PC)
Had a go on this while I was still in the fighting game mood, all I can say is I'm really looking forward to when the sequel comes out because while Yatagarasu is a very good 3rd Strike-a-like it is still very basic with a very small character roster. I'd say get it but I'd say just wait for the sequel.

Worms Armageddon 1999 (PC) and Worms 2: Armageddon (PC and Xbox 360)
So the Gaming League did a Worms tournaments on the first night, so many people took part that we ended up putting on as many Worms games on as possible. I'll just give a quick summary of my tournament.
Game 1 (Armageddon 99): Came to a 1-on-1 situation where my opponent drowned his last worm trying to Ninja Rope across the map.
Game 2: Won fairly comfortably after my opponent teleported his last worm onto a small bit of bridge containing two item boxes, my horming missile took care of him.
Game 3: I had a Justin Wong moment and came back from a 3-on-1 to win after my opponent Ninja Roped into a mine which sent his last worm flaying into water. I celebrated with a very loud scream of "Justin Wong".
Game 4: My first turn was a massive fuck up, I used a bunker buster on my own worm thinking I was the blue team. What followed was a slow match with a lot of attempts to out smart each other, in the end he made the mistake of teleporting his second worm to the top of the map allowing me to using a homing missile to take it out, the opponents last turn saw him stuck because of a sentry gun I had placed to stop him getting to my Worms, the following turn Sudden Death was invoked and with two worms to one I charged a grenade and did the one HP damage needed for the game.
Final: It was pretty late in the night by the time this match took place, I can't remember what happened in the match but I know two things: 1) My opponent came up from the losers bracket and claimed he had played eight matches to reach the final, 2) I beat him and won the tournament.
I wasn't that interested in entering but I still won the tournament, I had luck on my side that day.

Animal Crossing (Gamecube)
Played this on Friday, got the Model Lighthouse from the Mayor for turning the Lighthouse on every week, I haven't played the game since.

No More Heroes (Wii)
I haven't played this in a while. I started a run on Bitter difficulty, I am out of practice, this used to be easy for me but now I find myself being beaten by Destroyman. My wiimote is showing its age, the sound effects are no longer coming out of the speaker meaning I can no longer listen to the phone calls you get before each chapter, shame that.

I got sick of Fighting games in the end and decided to play this beast. I had a played though of Episode 1 on Ultra Violence, I've played though it before so I beat it pretty easily. Episode 2 was much harder but I got to the Cyber Demon in the end, what an Awesome boss, the boss itself isn't anything amazing but the build up towards that confrontation and the feeling of victory over the Cyber-Demon feels great. Episode 3 of Doom is crazy, like every Episode you start over with just the pistol which is an issue when your weaker and all the enemies are stronger. Episode 3 Mission 2 is crazy hard and I am actually proud of myself for beating it with a pistol start.

Tomb Raider (PC)
Tomb Raider is super outdated but it's still a really good game that does a lot of things better than most modern games do. It is a huge how in the year 2014 the 1996 Lara Croft feels like a really strong positive female character, I guess aging graphics and her pointy triangle tits help shake off the negative image thing. I finally managed to complete Tomb Raider after starting it last year, I found the ability to save whenever you wanted in the PC version helped a lot. I do think this game gets underrated a bit now, a lot of people look at the tank controls and are put off but in a way I think they are a necessary evil in what makes Tomb Raider what it is. You can bash the controls and combat mechanics all you like but the level design is really under appreciated, each level feels like a fresh challenge, there isn't a level in the game that doesn't test you in some way. The game has a really good atmosphere and feeling of isolation, at times it can even feel horror-esque. For a game that consists of exploring underground areas Tomb Raider still manages to feel varied and imaginative, the environments are not just obstacles they are part of the experience and that is a great thing.
I think I paid about 50p for the Steam Version so at 15 hours played I sure got a bargain.

Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business (PC)
I jumped straight into this expansion pack after I finished off Tomb Raider, it's more of the same really only much harder. I do like the concept of revisiting previous levels and seeing how they have changed. There are some things I don't like, Unfinished Business was not made by the team who made Tomb Raider, the levels in Unfinished Business are full of cheap enemy spawns that seem to only exist to surprise the player, I hate that.

Hotline Miami (PC)
A bunch of people were speed running this at the marathon so I thought I'd have a blast on it, I haven't played this in a while and I have gotten really bad at it, I decided to forget the full playthrough in the end.

Jet Set Radio (PC)
It's Jet Set Radio, it's awesome, it looks really good. I have one big flaw with it, the game options have some weird sound settings where turning the music volume up causes the sound effects to become muted, that's annoying. I don't use speakers because I don't want to risk sound complaints and my headphones don't have a volume switch so when I'm playing a game I'm going to turn the sound up to max.
This is a really good version of Jet Set Radio and it controls much better with the Xbox 360 controller than it ever did with the Dreamcast controller.

Cards Against Humanity UK Edition
This card game is amazing, on Saturday morning we had to turn all the electricity off due to a lightning storm, so I got out Cards Against Humanity and everyone instantly fell in love with it, they loved it so much we played for 4 hours straight, we had so many people playing that a 10 point game took 2 hours to finish, we played it again that night and didn't finished until after 3am, it's incredible.

So in many ways my weekend was pretty good, only one major downer, my car battery died again and I couldn't get anyone to jump start it, having to carry all my stuff back to my room wasn't fun.

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