Sunday, 2 February 2014

Game Diary: 31/01/2014-02/02/2014

I've been home for the first time since Christmas this weekend and I have brought with me some games consoles that I really don't need, like at all.

Animal Crossing (Gamecube)
End of month raffle came up, 75 tickets later I had won a lamp and an Ivory Piano (poor elephants). I think the game is taking the piss with the room rating system, I've filled my house to the brim, I have a score of over 8,000 points but they still insist my house of too much empty space, if I had free space the Piano would be downstairs right now. Bad news, looks like I missed Groundhog Day, I wonder if I'll still be playing this when it rolls around again next year?

Phantasy Star Online Version 2 (Dreamcast)
I've been wanting to play Phantasy Star Online again because I'm looking forward to SEGA releasing it in the west, it's been nearly two years since the Japanese release of PSO2 and we still don't have a release date. To be honest I prefer Phantasy Star Online Episodes on Gamecube bit that's a bit on the expensive side so I'll just play this version I picked up last summer.
PSO Version 2 is in that middle zone between the Gamecube version and the original Dreamcast release, from what I can tell it is just a patched up version of the original PSO but with some new items, just minor differences. Still it's PSO, if you've played one version you've played all of them.
I remember getting frustrated with PSO last time I played it because the game took some difficulty spikes towards the end and as a result because mundane because of huge maze-like levels and enemies with massive life bars. I'm enjoying the game much more this time around, I'm being more smart with the game system. Last time I played PSO I played as a HUmar (Human Hunter), this time around I'm playing HUcast (Android Hunter), I don't get to use magic but the trade off is worth it because it becomes much easier to kill enemies with the standard weapons.
SO far I've played to the end of the Caves area, to be honest I think Forest is the only good level in the game, every other level takes place underground and it takes away a lot of the enjoyment, all the rooms look the same and if you had told me the underground levels were randomly generated I'd almost believe you.
Also the boss of the Caves level is a piece of shit.

Um Jammer Lammy (PS1)
I bought my PSOne back with me but now I'm wondering why I bothered? I've played this quite a lot in the past, personally I think it is better than PaRappa The Rapper. I need to get the disc repaired, it is fucked, I can't load the levels up because the disc was so scratched when  I bought it

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