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Game Diary: 04/03/2014-10/03/2014

Super Smash Bros Melee (Gamecube)
So I watched The Smash Brothers on Youtube last week, if you haven't seen it you should totally find the time to watch it, it is one of the best video game documentaries I have ever seen (and I consider myself a documentary fan). Anyway watching the Smash Brothers has caused a awakening in me, the last couple of weeks I've been pretty anti-social when it comes to games, all I've really done is play Guilty Gear and a bunch of other games that no one else is interested in. I spent most of the weekend just past  playing Melee and unlocking content. All-Star mode is giving me far more trouble than I would like to admit, I'm going to blame the game spawning items, many of which are capsules that contain explosives instead of items, I've been killed by those things so many times that I reckon I'd beat All-Star mode easily on one life if there were no items at all besides the hearts you have between stages. As difficult as All-Star mode is it has nothing on Event 51, Event 51 is one of the most one-sided boss fights in any games ever, you vs. a team of Giga Bowser, Mewtwo and Gannodorf, a team of characters who have their AI set to counter everything you do, oddly enough I can kill Giga Bowser easy because he is such a big target, Mewtwo and Gannondorf are the real problem characters because they are covered by Giga Bowsers bulk while countering all of your attacks, I still haven't beaten it and I cannot get the Final Destination stage until I do so.
I played Smash mutliplayer on Sunday with some people from the Gaming league, it might just be the hours I spent on Friday and Saturday playing the game but I absolutely wrecked them at the game, well okay I'm not so hot at free for all matches where it is 4 players because I never taken them seriously but when it comes to 1v1 and teams I am absolutely on fire, I suppose it helps it was under the terms that suit me best as a player, items off, friendly fire on, stocks, certain stages banned, the competitive play style suits me quite well. I'm not saying I'm good at Smash I'm just a lot better than the 5 people I played it with on Sunday, that said I am slightly envious of the guy who knows how to Wave Dash and Dash Dance, I need to learn how to do those, I compensate a lot with my Air Smash skill, most of my kills come from Captain Falcon Knees and forward jumping Falcon Punches.
Anyway Smash Bros, not much needs to be said about Melee as everyone knows it is good.

Guilty Gear X2 # Reload (PC)
I said I wouldn't be playing this again for a while but I've been playing it, how about that. Playing this again has made the differences between this and Accent Core really apparent. So it turns out this has a anime trailer to Guilty Gear X in the Gallery. I just want to talk about this animated Guilty Gear X trailer, I do not know if there is a fully animated Guilty Gear X trailer or if this was a one off but I have to say, the animation is cool, the English voice dubbing is absolutely fucking atrocious, I can't even do it justice in words it's just awful, Legend of the Overfiend had better dubbing than  this Guilty Gear X trailer and Legend of the Overfiend was a creepy ass animated horror/porn film from the 80s.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (Wii)
I haven't played the arcade mode much on this since I got it, instead I've been going through the story mode with different characters. When you think about it Ky Kiske's canonical ending is kind of bothersome when you think about it, so spoiler warning right here, in Guilty Gear 2: Overture (which I have never played) Ky kiske has a son called Sin Kiske, it is revealed that Sin is the Son of Ky and Dizzy. In Accent Core Plus Ky Kiske's story ends with him getting into a sexual relationship with Dizzy, who is a Commander Gear (gears are  man-made humanoid bio weapons with Dizzy being the daughter of Justice, the previous Commander Gear), in Guilty Gear XX Dizzy is 3 years old but has the body of a young woman because of rapid aging. Now I know what the context is but no matter how you spin it Ky Kiske fucked a 3 year old girl. I never thought I'd play a game containing a scenario where having sex with a 3 year old wasn't technically wrong.

Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii)
I haven't touched this in ages because I was stuck on a boss, fought boss again, he wrecked me, I must grind harder. I like Xenoblade but oh man do you need to grind a lot in this game and do a tonne quests to get better items, I'm a good 35 hours into Xenoblade, when it grabs you it is an amazing game to play and I am so happy I was lucky enough to get this for cheap before it become really expensive.

Burnout 2: Point of Impact (Gamecube)
Nothing to say here, went back and replayed some of the cups because I didn't win all the races previously, just content unlocks really. I have Burnout 3 on PS2 now so when this is finished I'll be moving onto that.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion (Wii)
So I came into some money recently, I won't say where I got it but I can assure you it was totally legit and there was nothing dodgy involved, either way I went out over the weekend and bought 40 games so you'll probably start to see something different on here as the weeks go on.
Trauma Center is a series that years ago represented one thing for me, total frustration, the Trauma Center games are really hard, they're really, really hard. I like these games both on DS and Wii but they are really hard! I have to be honest I like Trauma Center though, I think the the Trauma Center games were a bit understood by many people at the time, they were in many ways made out to be Surgery Simulators when they were in fact action games all along, I compare them to he Ace Attorney games in this aspect, take a profession that sounds exciting but is actually a bit mundane and make it more exciting than originally imagined.
I don't know who the artist was for the Trauma Center games but I really like the art style, when Atlus want to they can make all sorts of great games, not just RPG's.

Super Swing Golf (Wii)
I don't really follow golf as a sport but I actually like Golf video games, Mario Golf on Gameboy Color being the standard that I use to measure the worth of all other golf games. Before I start I must say Super Swing Golf is a bit of an odd case because the game goes by two names, the names are Super Swing Golf and Pangya! Golf with Sytle, turns out what I have is not in fact what I thought it was but is in fact the sequel.
So in America you have Super Swing Golf which was then followed up by Super Swing Golf Season 2.
In Europe you have Pangya! Golf with Style which was then followed up by Super Swing Golf.
Can you see how confusing that is when searching on google!?
Anyway this a pretty good, it's basically a clone of Camelot's Everybody's Golf games (speaking or which there is an Everybody's Golf spin-off called "We Love Golf" that is also on Wii). I found the controllers a bit finicky at first, because of the Wii controller there is a delay when you bring the club up so if you try swinging in one fast motion the shots all end up under powered with the ball barely moving, then again I don't play golf so for all I know the weight of the golf club could cause a delay in swings in real life in which case fair play to the developers for doing that.
I was expecting taking swings to be a nightmare that would rely on luck but it turns out that you can get better with practice, after about and hours play I found my drives were becoming more straight and were not being misfired as often.
Super Swing Golf is a really satisfying game once you get used to the controls, I don;t know about you but I become a lot more expressive with my body language when I play golf games, when you get a birdie or get a chip in it feels immediately and awesomely satisfying and you can't help but grin, Super Swing clearly has a learning curve but it is a easy to adapt curve, Golf games is something the wii does well, it is almost like the system was made for it. I think games like this got ignored by most people because people played Wii Sports golf and decided the system probably wasn't cut out for golf due to the short comings of the system.

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