Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Game Diary: 24/03/2014-25/03/2014

Guilty Gear X (PS2)
So after a few failed ebay attempts I finally got a copy of Guilty Gear X and was bitterly disappointed when I discovered this PS2 version had no 60hz mode. Guilty Gear was not designed for 50hz, the game becomes far too slow to be played as it was intended to be played, the fast, hectic pace of Guilty Gear is what makes it so fun to play. The PAL version of X is still playable but this is something you'll want to import either on Dreamcast or on PS2 if you have some magic on hand.

Guilty Gear X2 (PS2)
I picked this up a while back too, now I have the vanilla version of X2 to go along with my PC version of #reload. This is a good version, a very good version, has a 60hz mode, the game plays in the correct aspect ratio (my PC monitor doesn't support 4:3 because it's cheap), it's what a Guilty Gear game is suppose to be like. I think one of the things that prompted me to get this was seeing how different the original version of Robo-Ky was to the one we have now. The original Robo-Ky was a re-skin of Ky Kiske who used his ex moveset and had a different standing and walking animation. As far as I am aware he isn't playable, not at first anyway. I love the theme for Robo-Ky in X2, it's just a fucked up version of Ky Kiske's theme, this theme was later dropped in #reload when Robo-Ky became a unique character.

Puzzle Bobble Mini (Neo Geo Pocket)
My Neo Geo Pocket finally arrived and the guy who sold it to me included a boxed copy of Puzzle Bobble Mini which is quite frankly an amazing act of generosity. Puzzle Bobble Mini is pretty damn good, it's no different to any other version of Puzzle Bobble aka Bust-A-Move but why would you want it to be. It's a fun pick up and play title that's for sure.

King of Fighters R-2 (Neo Geo Pocket)
This was a favourite last time I owned a Neo Geo Pocket, it's one of the more common games on the system but it is still incredibly fun and is good for showing off the control stick, I personally think the Neo Geo Pocket Color did fighting game controls better than any other handheld. KoF R-2 is pretty damn easy and can be beaten fairly quickly but at the end of the day the game is clearly a time killer, and a good one at that.

Puzzle Link 2 (Neo Geo Pocket)
I bought this on a whim because there wan't any other cheap games available at the time (all the ebay shops have restocked since). This is a pretty decent puzzle game, it's completely different to any other puzzle game I've played which is nice because they can't all be about blocks and balls. I haven't played this one much so i can't say much about it right now.

Another Code: Two Memories (DS)
I played this years ago but didn't get very far, I've started it again and haven't gotten very far. I'm quite eager to play Another Code this time around because I've always liked Cing's games, Hotle Dusk, Last Window and Little Kings Story are all great titles. It's funny, I own every Cing title except for Glass Rose on PS2, maybe I'll look into getting that one soon.

Lumines Plus (PS2)
This fucking game. I absolutely fucking love Lumines, I love it's music anyway. When I used to have a PSP this was ion my opinion one of the systems better games, alas I do not own a PSP anymore, how would I play Lumines without a PSP? Turns out Lumines Plus on PS2 is the exact same game. I actually like the game better on PSP, Lumines is not a game you play in short bursts nor would you want to on a PSP (you'll get hand cramp). Lumines has one big difference over other puzzle games, it isn't designed to be played for five minutes, when you play Lumines you sit down and keep playing until you game over, then you start again. Lumines is a game that takes a lot of skill and focus to play so you end up putting 100% of your focus into the game and seeing how far you can go, the further you go in the game the more stage skins (and songs) you unlock, it is an incredibly rewarding system that gives the game a sense of progression, once you get good at it you can make a single session on the game last half an hour or more and even if you spend 30 minutes getting to level 50 only to die you'll still want to start over and go through it all over again. That is the sign of a great game.

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