Friday, 14 March 2014

Game Diary: 11/03/2014-14/03/2014

I've had a busy week, finally saw the dentist, the good news is I do not have to have a root canal... yet... I'm on a new filling for 6 weeks to see if I'll need a root canal or just a new permanent filling. Anyway video games.

Super Smash Bros Melee (Gamecube)
I played this at the Gaming League on Wednesday, after my play on Sunday the League wants me to represent the University at Melee when they do their vs event with another University at the end of the month. I played poorly, I can't even hold all the shame after Wednesday, I did okay playing teams but there is one guy there who plays Shiek and he is basically better than me from what I figured, maybe I'd edge him in a one-on-one. Anyway I got some people together and we did a 5v5 crew battle and we got wrecked. For those who don't know a crews battle is when you get 2 teams of people and have them put their stocks together, at the end of  each match the loser stops player and is replaced by the next member of their team, if the winner lose any lives in the previous match they have to suicide until they have the same number of lives as at the end of the last match.
Anyway my crew lost and the other team had 2 guys left, a lot of us made mistakes in our games, I went into the last game with a live advantage but the guy still beat me, I could make all sorts of excuses but it is simple as me not knowing how to take on Donkey Kong with Captain Falcon. Captain Falcon only has close range attacks, Donkey Kong has powerful close range attacks that can be charged, I'm quite aggressive when I play, the other guy played defense and camped under platforms so I could not approach without risking a Donkey Kong punch.
Since Wednesday I've been trying to improve my play so that doesn't happen again. I forgot to mention but I overcame some things before the Wednesday session, while I was visiting home I beat All Star on one life and beat Event 51 by using Jigglypuff's critical hit move over and over, turns out he's the character you are suppose to use for it. Now I have all the stages and all the characters.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion (Wii)
The difficulty is starting to settle in, all I will say is bomb disarming is super hard, it's just one big puzzle and you will always get stuck on the same bit for several minutes, I hate it man.
I'm better at the game than I used to be, the missions I used to fail at constantly are much easier for me now, swings and roundabouts. I forgot how much I really liked the writing in this game, Atlus games always seem to have decent character writing.

Super Swing Golf (Wii)
I can't think of anything to expand on since I last played it because I've only played 6 holes since the last update.

Pangya! Golf with Style (Wii)
I picked this up after reading up on how Super Swing was the sequel. They really didn't change much between the two games, like they are the same game near enough, same graphics, same engine, same levels, same motion detection, it isn't a big difference between the original and the sequel. The sequel does have some clear improvements, it has more content and modes, the controls are better, you can do things with the d-pad that the original demanded you did with motion controls and unlike the original the sequel tells you if your shots are straight or off aim and curving.
I like both versions to be honest but the sequel is better in every way on the principle of having come out later, it's as simple as that.

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