Sunday, 16 March 2014

Game Diary: 15/03/2014-16/03/2014

I've realised something, I haven't played Animal Crossing in a while, my town must be in a sate by now. Playing video games have been painful this past week because I've had really bad skin chapping on my hands and just when I've healed one bleeding split another appears. My thumb feels like it's been sand papered and I'm having to type with my middle fingers because the tips of my index fingers are all dried up and hurting.

Super Smash Bros Melee (Gamecube)
It's Sunday so the video game league did their Sunday sessions, I decided I'd treat everyone to cooked cheesy nachos but the bastards were 15 minutes late so the nachos went cold and in the end I had to eat them all on my own.
Anyway I did a hell of a lot better today than I did on Wednesday and in many ways I have redeemed myself, I'm making less mistakes and I've learned to beat the people I was struggling with previously. The group of people who I play Smash with are all starting to show improvement which is great because the more they improve the more I can improve.
Smash Bros is out for Wii U and 3DS at the end of the year but to be honest I have doubts about it, I can see it easily being like Brawl where the game speed has been reduced and the random elements have increased, Nintendo don't want to make competitive games they want to make "fun" games even though the design of games like Melee worked because it was a good game competitively and casually.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion (Wii)
I beat this after getting hooked and playing it non-stop for 3 hours. It's weird when this originally came out years ago I thought it was an incredibly difficult game but now I manage with it, I guess as I have gotten older I've become better at using the Wii controls. I really like the challenge in this game, it's the best kind of challenge where you know you are being pushed but at the same time know you can handle what is being thrown at you. I could easily move onto Trauma Center: New Blood right now but I want to keep playing this for a bit longer, I beat the game on easy now I'm trying to do the same on normal, I still have 7 missions left to finish but they are extreme difficulty levels, they are harder than any of the previous levels when played on hard mode, or they are supposed to be anyway.

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