Monday, 3 March 2014

Game Diary: 28/02/2014-03/03/2014

Pokemon Silver (Gameboy)
My interest is pretty much starting to waver again, I had a go at battling Red but his Snorlax killed my team so I'm going to have to grind more. Heracross was a bad team choice in this game, he doesn't know any good fighting moves, at least there is Mega Horn to look forward to when I can bother to level him up to Lv 56. The MVP of my team is easily Nidoking, if I get him up 10 levels he will be able to sweep most of Red's team on his own.

Timesplitters 2 (Gamecube)
Every other week I remind myself that I have a huge backlog of games I have started but haven't played very far into, Timesplitters 2 is one of those games. Most of these kind of games I play through and then get rid of afterwards, this game was on that list but after playing it I have had a change of heart. To be fair to the story mode it isn't the main attraction of the game (the multiplayer and "arcade" mode is) but for what it is I really enjoy the single player levels, sure the controls are a little wonky being an early Gamecube FPS game (good luck sniping) but the missions are short and well paced and are the kind of thing I would enjoy replaying from time to time.

P.N.03 (Gamecube)
Hard mode keeps getting harder and now the final two regular suits have appeared and cost 600,000 points each to buy, looks like I'll be spending a few more hours slaving away at the trial missions so I can afford to buy and upgrade them so I can unlock the final two suits when I complete the Hard mode. I really enjoy this but the developers went way too far with their reliance on the trial missions, I know the main game is super short but I'd be enjoying the trail missions a hell of a lot more with the suits and power ups were a little bit cheaper.

Burnout 2: Point of Impact (Gamecube)
There is something incredibly uplifting and frustrating about Burnout 2. It is uplifting to skillfully charge your way through opposing traffic while doing burnout combos but at the same time it is frustrating when you can be having a really good race and still be punished by the games rubber band AI. The original Burnout was pretty bad with it's AI because you could time out of a race in first place really easily yet finish below 1st in a race where you had time left over because you crashed near the end. Burnout 2 still has the latter problem, you can time out but it will never happen, instead the other racers will just become incredibly fast when you are racing your best. Rubber band AI is nothing new but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (Wii)
I finally got my copy of this back after leaving it back home by mistake, my time with Accent Core was fun but it will probably never get played again now I have this version, it is literally better in every way. I'm a bit bored with playing Arcade mode so I've sank some hours into the story mode. The story mode is incredibly unbalanced with its difficulty, the hardest fights are often in the middle of a characters story because that is when you get put into one sided fights against boss versions of characters who have regenerating health, the only way to beat them (besides being a complete pro) is to hit them with a one-hit-kill attack and those almost always miss against the story AI. That said though I am enjoying all the new content, now I can play as Kliff and Justice without having to unlock them.

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