Monday, 3 February 2014

Game Diary: 03/02/2014

Virtua Fighter 3tb (Dreamcast)
Maybe I've been spoiled by my experiences playing Virtua Fighter 5 but this is kind of rubbish. Out of all the Virtua Fighter games I have played this is the one I liked the least, it's competent but it just feels so lacking. The graphics have aged worse than Virtua Fighter 2, I know Virtua Fighter 2 came out in the early 3D era graphics but I think it still looks so much better than Virtua Fighter 3, it is much more colourful and eye pleasing, it has a charm. The arcade version is probably much better but the PAL Dreamcast version of Virtua Fighter 3 just feels lack luster and suffers from 50hz only and boarders. To be honest I just find myself wishing I was playing Dead or Alive 2 instead. VF3 isn't bad but there is much better.

Metropolis Street Racer (Dreamcast)
I really liked PGR2 on the original xbox back in the day so I really want to get into this. I'm not sure if it is the game or the fact I've been playing my Dreamcast though my PC capture card but I can't see a thing on the night races, if only the game had a gamma option I'd be able to really get into it. The Dreamcast controller isn't helping much either.

Phantasy Star Online Version 2 (Dreamcast)
I beat Del Rol Le, what a horrible boss. I'm now onto the Mines and I take back what I said about the Forest being the only good level, I really like the Mines levels, the level theme helps a lot. I thought I'd never have to face Del Rol Le ever again, I totally forgot that you have to fight him a second time during one of the guild missions. Del Rol Le shouldn't be an issue now I've leveled up but guess what, the mission is an escort mission and the second character dies incredibly easily and only have a limited number of health items, what a total drag.

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