Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Game Diary: 09/02/2014-11/02/2014

I have toothache and will have to get a root canal, next week can not come fast enough, until then I will be living on warm milk, toast and sweet sweet Bonjela.
Just Hook It To My Veins!

So as you may have guessed I have been away for a bit so I haven't been updating the page, but I'm back now and I can harp on about games people played years ago, games such as...

Super Princess Peach (DS)
So my journey through this is game almost over and I enjoyed every minute of it. Super Princess Peach is a bit overlooked which is a shame because it should be played by more people, it's easy but it tries to make up for it by offering end game content like new, more difficult levels and new items. Some of this is padding (you have to fight the bosses again to unlock stages) but as a total package Princess Peach is something of a DS essential in my eyes, it does so many different things and it never gets old.
Also I am a very big fan of the games soundtrack, here are some examples:

Tetris (Game Boy)
Everyone knows how this plays out, you are sat at home, your bored, you want a simple distraction, you play Tetris for a little bit, you lose, you put the game away again for another time.

Mario Golf (Game Boy Color)
I'm not a golf person but this is really, really good. Mario Golf on Game Boy Color is a bit of a forgotten classic, no gimmicks just straight up fine tuned golf. It may be old but I can't think of any handheld golf games that have come since that can claim to be better.

Hyper Street Fighter II (PS2)
Every time I play any version of Street Fighter II I am quickly reminded of how totally useless I am at it. So I have this PS1 arcade stick by Asciiware and the joystick is totally useless, the microswitch mechanism is really spaced and the stick has a lot of travel on it before the inputs are detected, it just not a very good stick at all, it's really bad for Street Fighter. The buttons are decent though.

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  1. I never did complete Super Princess Peach. I got near the end but I think you had to find all the toads until that point to progress? Couldn't be bothered with that.