Sunday, 23 February 2014

Game Diary: 18/02/2014-23/02/2014

I have been super busy this week and will continue to busy for another week, it hasn't been complete doom, I have found some free time between the work, my root canal being pushed back 3 weeks was a blessing really, I have more free time and my toothache has disappeared anyway so I probably just need a filling change.

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload (PC)
The great thing about fighting games is no matter how tight your time can become you can always find 30 minutes in your day to play one of these. That said I'm going to be playing this a lot less now but even if I do stop playing X2 #Reload I'll always remember the good times, well I'm sure I'll go back to it for the story mode and extras.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (Wii)
So I ordered something nice off ebay last week. I am now the owner of two Hori official Gamecube Arcade Sticks, one regular edition and one Soul Calibur II Edition. These sticks are really good quality, I don't own any high-end £70 sticks or anything so I can only compare them to what I know. The layout of the Gamecube sticks are better than the layout of the Hori EX2 I use for my Xbox 360 and PC, the stick is more over to the right so there is space to rest your hand, it's very comfortable. The buttons are better than the buttons on the Hori Ex2, they almost feel like the expensive buttons on the modded Madcatz sticks I saw at the charity marathon a few weeks back. The stick itself seems to be the weakest part of the Hori Gamecube stick, the stick uses a square gate on its micro-switches and I think it is slightly inferior to the gate on the Hori Ex2, then again it could just be because I'm use to using the Ex2 on a desk (I hold the GC Hori on my lap).
Anyway Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, I had to go into Game and buy this again because I accidentally left my copy of Accent Core Plus at home last time I visited. Accent Core is by all means an update and like all fighter updates part of the experience is getting used to changes in the game. I've tried out my regulars and though I'm 7 years behind I'm going to go ahead and list some things:
1) Jam got nerfed, you used to be able to chain some of her special moves together, you can't do that any more (her EX version might be able to but I wouldn't know).
2) Ky has been buffed, some of his special moves have had attacks added that you can do on top of the first, Ky can now do aerial heavy lighting blasts, really useful upgrade.
3) Robo-Ky has been given a new Overdrive and his rapid-punch Overdrive has been changed so you can tap slash to do it for infinity, on the downside he now moves away from the other character when he does it which makes then self-destruct combo harder to pull-off.
4) Bridget and Baiken have had their attacks expanded a bit.
I finally tried out the EX versions of the characters for the first time, it's given me a reason to keep playing, the characters are basically overpowered versions of themselves with completely new movelists.
I finally beat I-No on the arcade mode which makes me feel good! Ky's new moves really helped, now I just need to beat the game without losing a round so I can fight Order Sol. I've been maining Baiken in this version because I find her so much fun to play as, that reminds me the character voices has either been rerecorded or given new voice actors, Baiken's #Reload voice was much deeper.
I went back to the Student Union games club this week because they needed to borrow my copy of Super Smash Bros Melee and my full character unlock memory card, I ran into a friend who I haven't seen in months so it paid off. While I was there I played this for 3 hours straight pretty much blanking out anyone who came up to me to ask questions like "Is Testament this games Akuma?", Guilty Gear is kind of a big deal for me. 
I still can't decide whether or not I'm going to try and save up for a PS4 so I can get the best version of Guilty Gear Xrd when it comes out, I said I was not going to rush into buying new video game systems (I could have easily bought a 3DS, PS3 or PSVita by now) but Xrd is really tempting me.

Salty Bet (
This isn't technically a video game but I've been using it so much during my work breaks that I'm putting it on here. For those who aren't in the know Salty Bet is the name of an online video stream that hosts random fighting game matches that are played through Mugen, Mugen is an open source program that allows people to make their own fighting game characters and have them fight each other. Salty Bet is the result of years upon years of terrible, god awful, badly made Mugen characters. On the Salty Bet site you can bet "salty bucks" on AI matches between 2 random Mugen characters, that is all there really is to it. The real fun in salty bet is seeing how stupid the characters can become and how competitive matches can become, the best matches are often the ones where the underdog characters wins despite the odds against them. Also I should make mention of the music selection which is awesome and has introduced me to some great pieces of music.
Words cannot really do Salty Bet justice, give it a try and try not to get lost in all of the Salty Bet/Fighting Game related memes, in fact I'll list some right now.
Real = Good Character, Real Fight normally means good competitive match.
Fake = Bad version of a character, the opposite of real.
Mexi(can) = Mexi refers to anything that is too powerful, Mexibeam = One Hit Kill Beam for example. Term originated from overpowered Dragon Ball Z characters that were hacked from Portugal/Brazil exclusive DBZ games.
Potato = Useless character, bad AI. Potato has become it's own Tier.
Clutch = Extremely close low health match finish.

Animal Crossing (Gamecube)
I haven't played this all week but I promised the Mayor that I would turn on the lighthouse every night this week so I sunk to the ultimate low, I cheated, I changed the date on my Wii and played the entire week in one sitting. I am now one fossil away from the entire collection. Tom Nook finally got in something I really wanted, I am now a proud owner of the Gamecube G, now I just need the N64 N. I planted a money tree in my town and though the tree has grown the money seems to have disappeared which is weird, that or I just lost the tree, speaking of trees all the plants in my town have turned green meaning Spring is very near.
One last thing, I finally met K.K. Slider after 3 months of play.

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