Sunday, 16 February 2014

Game Diary: 12/02/2014-16/02/2014

A lot of these recent updates have been slower with several days worth of play time condensed into one entry, good news is you (yes you, the reader) won't have to put up with that again until next weekend.

Super Princess Peach (DS)
So that's it, I'm completely finished with this game now, there is nothing more for me to do with it. I've unlocked and beaten every level, I've defeated all the bosses twice, I've played the mini games, the only thing I haven't done with unlock all the music and jigsaw puzzles but having to play every stage twice for a few items is just padding in its purest form. I'm not a fan of excessive padding but I understand why it is done, Super Princess Peach wasn't just designed as a game, it was designed to be a product that was being sold in shops for £30. I feel this mentality handicaps a lot of games but I can understand the importance of trying to make £30 last.
Overall Super Princess Peach is a great game but you probably know that by now.

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload (PC)
I haven't touched this in a while so I decided it was time to jump back on for a quick go. I love the diversity of the characters in the Guilty Gear games, granted it is a super unbalanced when it comes to the ratio of small characters to big characters (only 1 big guy in a 20+ character roster) but the characters themselves are what makes them good, not their play style.
I love playing as Robo-Ky just because I find his mannerisms and animations hilarious, I don't even need to use words to justify it.
Shame he isn't in Guilty Gear Xrd!
Speaking of Guilty Gear, bad news everyone, Guilty Gear X2 has been taken down from due to a licencing dispute, I hope it gets resolved because this game is too good to ignore.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Spirit Caller (DS)
I completed this ages ago but I sometimes go back to it when I am looking to kill time. My save file times in at 75 hours, I own 80% of all Yu-Gi-Oh! cards that existed in 2006 (I think there are over 6000 different cards now) and I'm still finding new things in this game by chance. Konami have released a handful of Yu-Gi-Oh! games on the DS and having played two others (World Championship 2008 and 2009) I can say with confidence that this is easily the best one.

Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM (ios)
To be honest I am not that big of a mobile game fan nor am I a big follower of games that use free to play models (though that said I am very excited about playing Phantasy Star Online 2 when that is finally released). Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM for what it is worth is one of the better free to play games I have played, it does place a lot of restrictions on people who decided to play for free (such as cutting the story mode off half way, restricting what cards you can get and giving you limited play time) but even with those restrictions you still get a lot of content, I haven't paid a penny towards the game and I have a deck so powerful that it feels almost borderline broken in comparison to what the games AI have to use.
It's a completely different type of game to the actual Yu-Gi-Oh! card game but as a stand alone restricted free to play title it is pretty damn decent.

Animal Crossing (Gamecube)
I got a mailbox full of valentines cards from my neighbors and reading them a pattern quickly emerged, they all think I'm anti-social, well that's okay because I wasn't going to wear those t-shirts anyway. The mayor has decided it is time for him to take another holiday meaning I'm once again going to have to turn the light house on everyday until the 23rd, oh joy. 

P.N.03 (Gamecube)
Now here is a cult game if there ever was one, most other people I've seen talk about this game have called it rubbish and accused it of being a TNA game with no redeeming qualities. Being a big fan of this game I will obviously defend it with the same tired arguments: 1) They don't get it, 2) They never gave it a chance, 3) It's bad because they don't like it.
Cop-out arguments out of the way I'll tell you exactly what P.N.03 is like, it's a game that only exists to challenge the person playing it. Forget the story, forget the ass wiggling, forget about the fact the game can be beaten in less than an hour on easy (which didn't do the games original £40 price tag justice), none of that is what P.N.03 is about.
This = Not Important
P.N.03 exists purely to test the player, those trial missions you can play in between story missions? That is the real P.N.03, a difficult, repetitive, muscle memory operated action game that will keep killing you until you learn how to play it right. The whole purpose is to train you, the player to a level where you can clear the story without ever getting stuck. I've seen the game compared to Space Invaders and there is some truth to it, you can get by using walls for cover but the real skill is being able to clear open rooms of enemies without being hit while waves of bullets quickly fly at you. It's a marmite game in many ways but those people the game clicks with often love it, it wasn't until I bought the game a second time that it well and truly clicked with me.
For what it is worth even if you dislike the game no arguments can be made about the quality of the soundtrack, the music was so good that it was reused in Resident Evil 4.

Super Smash Bros Melee (Gamecube)
So I have finally completed the regular game with all 24 characters, I would attempt the same thing with the All Star Mode but to be honest it is actually quite hard, it isn't that I'm bad at Melee or anything but you only get one life so if you make a single big mistake and it is all over, I'm going to need some practice before I can beat it on normal.

Burnout 2: Point of Impact (Gamecube)
I have now beaten all the normal cups and have unlocked the custom series, this was a menial task for me in a way because all I am really doing is trying to get back all the data I lost when my old Gamecube memory card broke and corrupted, sadly I'm not quite as good as I once was at this. The more I play Burnout 2 the more I think how big a shame it was Burnout 3 was never ported to the Gamecube, as a home system it was really lacking in good car racing games, realistically your only real alternatives are R: Racing (which people only bought for the Pac-Man Vs. bonus disk) and the Need for Speed series (and those aren't that great either).

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